The Orthodox Church

The Orthodox church in Sweden has about 100,000 followers in Sweden (approx. 220 million world-wide). The funeral always consist of a burial where the deceased is dressed in their own clothes and the coffin is often open during the church service.  The funeral service is entirely based on the liturgy conducted by the priest and the congregation remains standing throughout the service. The priest comes with the congregation to the graveyard where they read prayers for the deceased before the coffin is lowered into the ground. It is preferred to hold the funeral on the third day after the death and the family returns to the grave on the third, ninth, twelfth and fortieth day to pray for the soul of the deceased. Good to be aware of:

  • Cremation is not allowed
  • Many funeral guests
  • Incense
  • Open coffin
  • Funeral preferably within three days
  • Common to put a photograph on the headstone



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