When a child dies

The loss of a child cannot be described in words.
When the dearest thing we have leaves us, normal existence is destroyed. Life can feel insurmountable, and you have difficulty understanding what has happened.

We have a lot of experience meeting people who are going through this difficult time, everyone handles and reacts to grief differently. Our task is to try to support, listen and help. Trying to answer the questions, big and small. We are there as support to make the most difficult parting beautiful.

Planning a child’s funeral

Arranging a child’s funeral is no easy task. Nevertheless, it is important to say a proper goodbye in order to move forward in the grief and processing of the loss. It is you as a relative who chooses and shapes the funeral according to your wishes. We are at your side, with knowledge, experience and support in your decisions.

There are many practical questions that must be decided. Together we will guide you through this, here below are some of these things gathered, just as a preparation:

  • Date of burial
  • Ground burial/Cremation burial
  • Grave site
  • Funeral in the church/Civil funeral
  • Obituary
  • Coffin/Urn
  • Coffin decoration
  • Hand bouquet/other flowers
  • Soloist/Music/Program sheet