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Information on E-Nilssons Begravningsbyrå’s routines regarding the current Coronavirus:

We adhere to the guidelines issued by Sveriges Begravningsbyråers Förbund and the Public Health Agency of Sweden etc. We aim to make everyone feel safe and contribute to decreased spread of contagion.

Our offices are open as usual but we ask you to make a first contact by telephone for guidance and booking an appointment

If you have symptoms yourself or suspect that you may be infectious
we ask you to call us on +46 470 – 122 27, where we are available twenty-four hours per day.

We choose two greet you verbally and avoid close contact in order to limit the risks.
Our personnel will not be working if they display any symptoms of illness.

If you feel anxiety ahead of your meeting with us or in advance of a funeral you are welcome to call us,
we are open as usual and available around the clock! 

Welcome to E. Nilssons Begravningsbyrå

E. Nilssons begravningsbyrå has been working with undertaking matters all across Småland since the start in Växjö more than 100 years ago. You will meet knowledgeable personnel whose goals are to satisfy your wishes. Our work encompasses everything related to a death; funeral, memorial, interment, questions regarding headstones, estate inventory and distribution of the estate etc.

We will help you arrange a personal funeral after your own wishes.
Our watchwords are attentiveness, helpfulness, flexibility, ambition and compassion.
Based on these watchwords we aim to support you in this difficult moment.

You can reach us by phone any time of day or night: +46 470-122 27 

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E. Nilsson’s law, can help you with family lawboth in life and after death.

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